We created MoneyPod because we believe that banking should be personalized and rewarding. Banking should be convenient, less complex. Transparent not opaque. Banking shouldn’t be filled with frustration and anger. It should be a trusted solution that helps you save time and money. A solution that is available whenever you need access to your money. A solution where everyone wins and no one loses. Simply, personalized banking that rewards you.

With MoneyPod, you’ll get the debit card you love and prefer to use everyday – and we’ll reward you with cash back every time you use it. Our fees will be short and transparent. No requirements or hurdles for you to avoid monthly fees. Simply, no monthly fees with MoneyPod. No overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees. Ever. Nothing hidden. No gotchas.

Banking such as depositing paper checks, paying bills and sending or requesting money to or from your friends will be intuitive and simple. Your account and your money will be seamlessly accessible through mobile, web and your debit card. And your money will be FDIC insured, securely deposited at our partner bank.

We’re building MoneyPod and busy making changes so you won’t have to. We’re hopeful that you will join us in the journey to more rewarding banking. As a first step, please register to get early access. With anticipation and excitement, we look forward to bringing you MoneyPod.

Hyung Choi
Co-Founder & CEO