Schedule of Fees

Item Fee (in US Dollars)
Monthly Service Fee $0
Monthly Deposit Minimum No Minimum
Monthly Daily Balance Requirement No Requirement
Overdraft Fee No Overdraft
We will deny items that will cause your Account to overdraft when your Account has insufficient balance.
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee No Returned Item
We do not charge a fee for items presented to us that are returned to the sender unpaid due to insufficient balance.
Account Closing Fee $0
Inactivity Fee
Fee imposed after no financial activity for 180 consecutive days.
$5 per month
ACH Bank Transfer Fee — Incoming and outgoing $0
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee 25,000 MoneyPass ATMs: $0
All Other ATMs: $2 per Withdrawal
Note: ATM owner may charge an additional access fee.
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee
You can always check your balance from the MoneyPod mobile app for free.
We will provide one free balance inquiry.
$0.50 per transaction
ATM Decline Fee
We will provide one free ATM decline.
$0.50 per transaction
Bank Teller Cash Withdrawal Fee
You can take your card to any bank branch and ask for a cash withdrawal.
$3 per transaction
International Transaction Fee
Fee applies to debit card purchases and ATM cash withdrawals.
3% of transaction amount
Stop Payment Fee
Stop a mailed check payment or a preauthorized payment.
$25 per payment
Monthly Statement Paper Copy Fee
This option is turned off by default: statements can be downloaded or viewed online for free.
$2 per mailed statement
Card Replacement Fee 1st card replacement free; $5 for each replacement thereafter
Expedited Card Delivery Fee (Next Day Delivery) $55 per expedited card